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What will change in Explorer when I install your software?

Nothing. You will see changes in Explorer only when you use the File Association Manager to add the File Meta Property Handler for a file type of your choice, and then only when you select a file of that type in Explorer. The behaviour for all other file types will remain unchanged.

What are users of the software saying?

gizmo's review File Meta 1.2 here:

Here is a comment from a happy user of the 1.0 Release:

Here is a review of the beta:

The beta was also reviewed here: This review made the useful criticism that the UI in the File Association Manager was too complex. In response, I have considerably simplified the UI in the 1.0 Release (because they were right).

If I add the File Meta Property Handler for PDF files, will I see properties already in those files?

No, unless you are using version 1.4 and are extending an existing property handler for PDF files. File Meta has no capability otherwise for reading properties held within the PDF formatted part of the file. File Meta always writes properties in an NTFS-provided annex to the file.

The good news is that this allows properties to be read and edited on any file type, including PDF files, and also text files and other types that have no defined place to put properties.

The bad news is that File Meta before version 1.4 will not read properties held in the type-specific formatted part of a file, and no version of File Meta will update such properties.

How do I keep the file associations that I have set up when I upgrade File Meta to a new version?

Just uninstall the old version and then install the new one. All file associations will be left intact unless you explicitly remove them using File Association Manager.

What happens to my metadata when I upgrade File Meta to a new version?

Nothing. Uninstalling or installing File Meta never changes any metadata properties.

Will File Metadata show metadata added to files using XP?

In many cases, Windows will show metadata added to files using XP without File Metadata. This is true for files with extensions known to both XP and later versions of Windows, e.g., JPEG, or Office documents.
Where File Metadata can help is for files whose extension and format were unknown to XP. In such cases, XP stored metadata using the same mechanism as File Metadata. The metadata will not be shown in later versions of Windows by default, but will be shown if File Metadata is installed and configured for the required extensions.

For the full story, see XP, Vista and File Metadata

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