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Property Tester

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Released: Jan 16, 2016
Updated: Jan 19, 2016 by Dijji
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Release Notes

A tool to help diagnose problems writing metadata properties. and each contain a single executable, PropertyTest.exe. if you have a 64-bit system, download, otherwise download .To run the test, first extract the executable from the downloaded zip file to a convenient folder.

The tool needs to be run from the command line, so next you need to open a command prompt by typing cmd in the search box and choosing ‘Command Prompt’. Then you need to change to a directory containing a test file on which we're going to set a metadata property. For instance, ‘cd Documents’ will take you to your normal documents folder.

Then you can say ‘\wherever\PropertyTester.exe test.pdf’ to run the tool against the chosen target file (here, test.pdf is the target file, and \wherever\ is the path to the unzipped executable), or if you unzip PropertyTester.exe to the same directory as the target file, just ‘PropertyTester.exe test.pdf’. Note that the target file must be of a type configured to use the File Meta property handler. The output will appear in the command window, or you can route it to a log file by saying ‘\wherever\PropertyTester.exe test.pdf > log.txt’.

The test basically performs the same actions as Windows Explorer does when setting metadata properties, but reports back in detail on any errors that it encounters. On my machine, for a successful run, I get:
File: empty.txt
Property Handler: {D06391EE-2FEB-419B-9667-AD160D0849F3} 

Instantiated Property Handler
Found IID_IInitializeWithFile
Initialized for empty.txt 

System.Keywords : Property is in the property store. 

System.Keywords : Value = atag 

System.Keywords : SetValue succeeded
System.Keywords : Commit succeeded

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