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Very useful tool/extension

Dec 17, 2013 at 11:48 PM
This will make tagging files much more consistent. Very impressive and very well documented/described.

One question - Have noticed that updating the enhanced properties of a large file (1.5GB) takes 20-30 seconds to complete. What's going on in that process? Was that native to your extension or was it always that way and I just never noticed before...
Dec 22, 2013 at 2:18 PM
Hi ATrentham

Thank you for your kind words - and for putting them into a review. I’m very happy that you're finding my work useful.

To answer your question, this behaviour has always been there. Not that I knew that until I ran a few tests on reading your post. A key principle of File Meta is to delegate as completely to NTFS as possible, on the grounds that it is way more tested and reliable than anything I could ever imagine writing myself. So all I do is invoke the high-level NTFS-provided property setting API, and the characteristic that you have found is a characteristic of NTFS.

I am somewhat surprised to observe this slowdown when setting properties on large files, since the properties set by File Meta are held, by definition, in a separate stream to the so-called 'default' stream that holds the payload data for the file and is the overwhelming contributor to its size. I can think of no obvious reason why to update (i.e. rewrite) the stream holding the properties should take longer as the default stream gets larger. But there you are, it appears to be the case that it does. We would have to ask an NTFS developer why.