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The current check-in supports building the code using Visual Studio 2010. Other setups can be supported on demand.

Two Visual Studio solutions are provided: FileMetadata.sln and TestDriver.sln.

FileMetadata.sln builds the installable programs i.e. FileMetaPropertyHandler, FileMetaContextMenuHandler and FileMetaAssociationManager. It also builds the setup package, which is an MSI. None of the installable programs have any external dependencies. FileMetaAssociationManager requires .Net Fx 3.5 or later. Set up depends on WiX 3.7, which is available from

Building the solution for the release configuration places x86 or x64 setup files in \Setup\msi\Release, depending which platform was chosen. These are the files which should be used for deployment. The msi includes the redistributable package for C Runtime 10.0, which is required for the two handlers. The debug configuration will build debug setups, but note that it does not include the debug version of C Runtime 10.0, which must be installed before using the deployed debug package.

TestDriver.sln builds the automated test harness for the installable programs, TestDriver.exe. This requires .Net Fx 4.0 or later. It also uses the Windows API Code Pack 1.1 , and DSOFile. Suitable versions of the binaries for these are checked in into the lib folder. DSOFile is used only in 32-bit testing, and needs to be registered using regsvr32 before it is used.

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