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Shuts down Image Rotation Feature in Windows File Explorer

May 17 at 1:41 AM
First, many thanks to dijji and whomever else is responsible for this great program, an organizational godsend. Unfortunately, a quirk has led me to uninstall it. File Metadata prevented me from being able to rotate images in File Explorer. I even tried a third party image rotator. When I uninstalled File Metadata I can rotate images again in Explorer. I know this is probably a nonissue for most, but any assistance would be appreciated.
May 17 at 4:36 PM
I can confirm that this is indeed the case. If you apply the File Meta property handler to the .jpeg extension, rotate image in Explorer does not work. I imagine that this is because File Meta diverts property updates to the alternate stream storage, preventing Explorer changing the required properties on the .jpeg file itself.

Of course, to avoid this side-effect, it is not necessary to uninstall File Meta, you merely have to not apply the File Meta property handler to the .jpeg extension.

May 17 at 8:11 PM
After a little further research, it appears that Explorer achieves rotation by modifying the EXIF properties of the image, causing it to be displayed differently, but leaving the underlying bits unchanged. This fails with File Meta, because the changes are written to the alternate stream, but the Windows viewer reads the properties directly from the .jpeg file, without using the property handler, and so accesses the original unchanged values.

There is no way to change the behaviour of File Meta to avoid this. However, third-party rotation tools that modify the bits rather than the properties will still work, even with File Meta configured for the extension. An example is JPEG Lossless Rotator.