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Tags periodically disappearing and unsearchable

Oct 17, 2015 at 11:20 PM
I've installed File Metadata v1.2 and really like the ability to tag files I couldn't previously; however, I'm having a weird problem. I'm primarily tagging jpg files with the names of the people in them; however, for some reason I'm having problems tagging three of them (out of 120 total). When I add the tags and click save, I will actually see the tags appear under the Tags column, momentarily disappear and finally reappear in Windows Explorer. Furthermore, I cannot search the tags assigned to those files (using tags:=). Nothing appears to be unique about these files as far as I can tell. Just curious if anyone has ever seen similar behavior. Thanks
Oct 30, 2015 at 5:45 PM
Hi afc30

I’m sorry this reply is late, Codeplex has only just notified me of your post. They’ve had a few issues of late, and I suspect it got caught up in some sort of backlog.

In File Meta Association Manager, what property handler is set up for jpg files? You can find out by looking for the .jpg extension in the listbox headed File Extensions. I’m asking because by default it will be the ‘IPropertyStore Handler for Images’ supplied as part of Windows, and File Meta will not replace it unless you do some registry edits first.

If this is the case, then the behaviour you are seeing on jpg files is purely a Windows phenomenon. It would make sense, sort of, too. When Windows writes tags to jpg files, it updates the file itself, by reading the original file, writing a new temporary file containing the tags, then removing the original file and renaming the temporary. It does all this in the background, so I can imagine why you might see File Explorer showing old, then none, then new tag values as the background operation proceeds.

I would not expect to see this for extensions handled by the File Meta Property Handler, which uses no background processes.

Hope this helps