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View Category and Comments of an .eml file

Apr 16, 2014 at 8:44 PM

My requirement is to view category and comments field of an existing .eml file.

I tried to enable File Meta Handler but there is already "Shell Message Handler" installed.
Even before thinking how to replace this with File Meta Handler, i wanted to test if installing it would solve my problem. So i went to windows explorer, right click on the column header and added categories and comments. and i see that these two columns are blank.

i know that these columns have data because i am able to see it on File Properties > Summary Tab on windows 2003 server.

So my question is, suppose if i end up installing "File Meta Handler" for .eml files, will i be able to see category and comments from an existing eml files?
Apr 20, 2014 at 11:05 AM
Hi Belaku

I'm afraid that the answer is almost certainly not. This is about where comments and other properties are held. I think it is most likely that the comments you are seeing on 2003 server are held within the .eml files in a location specified by that format. File Meta does not know how to read any specific file format: it holds properties in a store defined by NTFS and held in an annex to a file, which is why it works with files that have no defined location for comments etc., e.g. .txt files.

To read comments from a particular file format, you need a property handler that understands that format. It looks like you have one on 2003 server, but not on the system that you are hoping to read the comments on. File Meta cannot help you with this, unfortunately.